Saturno bathroom set

Suspended bathroom counter top with integrated Krion Snow White round washbasin and towel rack. An innovative material of great aesthetic impact, a solid surface that offers multiple advantages:

1. It allows you to give shape to the most original solutions: in fact its technical characteristics make it thermoformable, without any visible and unattractive joints.
2. It is a 100% sustainable material. At the end of its service life, any product make with Krion can be re-processed.
3. Its surface is naturally anti-bacterial. In fact Krion does not allow the spread of germs and bacteria on the surface thanks to photo catalytic properties that eliminate them through the reaction with light.
4. Easy to maintain and clean.

Measurements: 45 x 105 x h25 cm
Washbasin: Ø 40 cm
Vertical oval mirror with Krion Snow White frame and LED backlighting.
Measurements: 45 x 85 cm

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